Anthropometric Datalizer

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Ergonomics Design Standards and Guidelines for the Office Environment-A White Paper

An in depth review and summary of the available ergonomics standards and literature on the six critical areas of office ergonomics:
Seating, Input Devices, Monitors, Workstations, Lighting and Breaks

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Ergonomics Workstation Setup Tool

This Excel-based table look-up software obtains anthropometric body benchmarks. The user selects (1) posture (seated or standing);
(2) sex (male or female); (3) basic stature information of the individual being assessed (5th, 25th, 50th, 75th or 95th percentile); and (4) type
of workstation used (standard, 90-degree corner station, or curved). The software populates the benchmarks  (eye height, seat pan height,
working elbow heights, knee/thigh clearance (for seated posture), arm elevation; reaches, etc.).

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Ergonomics Handouts

Seated Office Workstation Standing Office Workstation
Office Chair Adjustments

Office Ergonomics
Troubleshooting Discomfort

Seated Neutral Postures Standing Neutral Postures
Standing Neutral Postures When Moving Materials

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