Industrial Ergonomics Process Workshop (IEPW)


About risk factors and neutral postures and how to implement ergonomic improvements

Workshop Dates

August 15-18, 2023 (onsite in Branchburg, NJ)

September 25-28, 2023 (virtual offering)

February 5-8, 2024 (virtual offering)

May 13-16, 2024 (onsite in Raleigh, NC)

October 14-17, 2024 (virtual offering)


Jobs using screening and analysis tools to reduce risk factors and workplace injuries


Productivity and ROI by employing best ergonomic practices in your work environment

About IEPW:

This workshop covers a comprehensive list of topics in the industrial setting, including:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Identifying and prioritizing ergonomic stressors
  • Determining root causes
  • Analysis techniques to validate and prioritize identified issues
  • Developing appropriate control measures
  • Cost justify and implement changes to reduce risk of injury
  • Design criteria

This course mixes interactive lecture and hands-on exercises to allow all participants to learn and apply techniques.


  • Special price of $1350 which includes a Professional Membership (Normal price is $1800)
  • 3.0 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) awarded through NC State University
  • This workshop meets the objectives of the OSHA #2255 Principles of Ergonomics course
  • 30 Instructional Hours – 30 MESH Hours (Manager of Environmental Safety and Health)
  • Lunch is provided for all onsite offerings