Industrial Ergonomics Process Workshop (IEPW)


This comprehensive workshop guides participants through each facet of the cyclic ergonomics process from basic ergonomics principles through control development and workstation design guidelines.

Purpose: To introduce the participants to basic ergonomic principles and addresses topics such as: musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), identifying and prioritizing ergonomic stressors, determining root causes, analysis techniques, developing appropriate control measures, cost justification, and design criteria. This workshop prepares the participants to work in a team environment to conduct ergonomics assessments for the control of risk factors that cause WMSDs. The course mixes lecture and laboratory to allow all participants to apply techniques.

Objectives:  After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe elements of the client’s ergonomics process and how individual employees can support it.
  • Define ergonomics and why it is important.
  • Define MSDs and give examples.
  • List MSD symptoms and explain the importance of early reporting.
  • Identify risk factors that contribute to WMSDs.
  • Explain the importance of working in neutral postures and how it affects fatigue.
  • Appropriately prioritize jobs based upon risk factors present, injury data, and interviews with employees/supervisors.
  • Use the Industrial Ergonomics Screening Tool to perform general ergonomic assessments.
  • Use the Strain Index and RULA Assessment Tools to analyze jobs with ergonomic risk factors associated with the upper extremities.
  • Use the NIOSH Lifting Guidelines and Manual Materials Handling Tables to analyze jobs with ergonomic risk factors associated with the low back.
  • Learn to utilize the Center’s software tool (ErgoDATA) for ergonomics analysis.
  • Use problem solving teams to develop appropriate intervention strategies for the reduction of WMSD risk factors.
  • Support the deployment of the site ergonomics process.
  • Learn about workstation design criteria and hand tool design

Classes are held from 8:00AM – 5:30PM Monday through Wednesday and
8:00AM – 12:30PM on Thursday.


Workshop Dates

  • October 21-24, 2019
  • February 24-27, 2020
  • June 22-25, 2020
  • October 26-29, 2020