Ergonomics Training for Engineers

Onsite or Virtual Offering


Work-related ergonomic risk factors and the importance of addressing them in design.


Using appropriate guidelines and checklists for workplace design, tool design, and manual material handling.


Leverage anthropometric, strength, cognitive and environmental data to optimize human capabilities when designing for manufacturability, usability and serviceability/maintainability.

About Ergonomics Training for Engineers:

This workshop engages engineering support to teach the proper application of ergonomic principles to product and process design including workstation, equipment, hand tool and environmental specifications. Participants are guided in evaluating and setting the correct ergonomics design criteria for both product and process. Ultimately participants will be expected to be able to identify and develop design-based solutions that are feasible, effective and justifiable. Activities and topics will be structured to recognize the unique needs of adult learners (lecture, demonstration, hands-on learning, etc.).

Objectives:  After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe work-related (including environmental) and non-work-related ergonomic stressors and reasons for their importance in design
  • Understand how best-practice evaluation methodologies drive ergonomic criteria
  • Appropriately leverage anthropometric (human body size) data to optimize standing and seated working postures as well as hand / arm clearance requirements and tool design guideline
  • Appropriately leverage human strength capability data in terms of work setup to optimize hand, arm and core body muscle efforts while performing work
  • Appropriately leverage manual materials handling limits
  • Appropriately leverage cognitive ergonomics criteria in terms of product design and process/ equipment setup
  • Appropriately leverage environmental guidelines (vibration, lighting, temperature, noise)
  • Appropriately leverage product guidelines for designing for manufacturability, usability, and serviceability/maintainability
  • Justify the implementation of ergonomics solutions via business metrics


  • Workshop is offered at your company site or virtually.
  • Customized design checklists and resource guides are included in the cost.