Ergonomics Training for Engineers

Onsite Offering

We offer specialized training for engineers and people responsible for specification and design of workstation, tools, and production equipment. The goal of this workshop is to ensure the application of ergonomic principles to equipment specification/selection and equipment/process design.

This workshop focuses on the application of specific ergonomics techniques to guide the participant through the evaluation of difficult jobs. Participants will learn how to select and utilize key analysis tools employed to define workplace risk, evaluate hand/wrist intensive tasks, and quantify manual materials handling activities. This workshop provides ergonomics design tools to allow participants to develop a solution that is feasible, effective, and justifiable.

Objectives:  After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe elements of the client’s ergonomics process and how the engineering community can support it.
  • Define ergonomics and why it is important.
  • Define MSDs, give examples, and identify risk factors that contribute to WMSDs.
  • Explain the importance of working in neutral postures and how it affects fatigue.
  • Appropriately prioritize jobs based upon risk factors present, injury data, and interviews with employees/supervisors.
  • Use the Industrial Ergonomics Screening Tool to perform general ergonomic assessments.
  • Use the Strain Index and RULA Assessment Tools to analyze jobs with ergonomic risk factors associated with the upper extremities.
  • Use the NIOSH Lifting Guidelines and Manual Materials Handling Tables to design jobs with reduced ergonomic risk factors associated with the low back.
  • Explain the specific ergonomic principles that apply to equipment design and selection.
  • Identify the appropriate design guidelines for workstation design, tool design, and manual material handling.
  • Evaluate proposed and existing equipment for good ergonomic design.
  • Use Anthropometric and Human Strength Design Criteria to influence workstation design.