OEAP Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice

The Office Ergonomics Accreditation Program (OEAP) is designed to provide a level of assurance to management that the accredited individual performing the work has obtained:

  • High quality education
  • Practical, hands-on training and application
  • Theoretical proficiency through examination

Once an individual completes the Office Ergonomics Accreditation Program, the individuals are awarded credentials. By attaining the credentials of Accredited Office Ergonomics Evaluator (AOEE), the individual has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to perform the following workstation evaluation activities:

  • Evaluate the current workstation setup
  • Adjust existing equipment to the user
  • Recommend and/or purchase needed equipment
  • Train the employee on the basics of workstation setup and proper adjustment of equipment
  • Follow up with workers who have been evaluated to track their progress and answer any questions

In addition to the activities performed by the AOEE, the Accredited Office Ergonomics Specialist (AOES) has demonstrated the knowledge and ability to:

  • Write and implement a written ergonomics program which includes the mission and goals of the organization, handling process of MSD cases, and expectations and responsibilities of all employee levels
  • Form and operate an ergonomics team
  • Train management, supervisors and employees on the importance of ergonomics and the roles each level plays in an effective ergonomics initiative

The credentials provided by the OEAP program (AOEE, AOES) do not denote a qualification to diagnose an illness or injury, prescribe any level of treatment, or evaluate industrial applications. Further, the AOEE and AOES credentials are not designed to portray the individual as a professional ergonomist; please refer to the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics for the credentialing process of a professional ergonomist.

Accredited Individuals

Credentials are renewed on an annual basis. Following is a list of accredited individuals:

Accredited Office Ergonomics Specialist Accredited Office Ergonomics Evaluator Accredited Office Ergonomics Evaluator


  • Michelle Gray, AOES
  • Steven Gray, AOES
  • Sue Grise, AOES


  • Michael Heminuk, AOES
  • Susan Hendrickson, AOES


  • Mary Ann Mosher, AOES


  • Christa Radford, AOES
  • Paul Roberts, AOES


  • Barbara Scheib, AOES
  • Kelly Shook, AOES
  • Jay Sprankle, AOES


  • Charlene Tardif, AOES


  • Andrew Ackerson, AOEE
  • Shannon Adamson, AOEE
  • Rebecca Alexander, AOEE
  • Paul Allen, AOEE
  • Jordan Arnold, AOEE


  • Wade Baily, AOEE
  • Ella Bailey-Rice, AOEE
  • Kelley Baker, AOEE
  • Sally Barbano, AOEE
  • Lisa Barday, AOEE
  • Michelle Barger, AOEE
  • Kylle Barrieau, AOEE
  • Lori Becherer, AOEE
  • Sandy Benson, AOEE
  • Jeanna Berry, AOEE
  • Krupa Bhatt, AOEE
  • Debbie Biddy, AOEE
  • Adam Black, AOEE
  • Barbara Bossard, AOEE
  • Kristin Bota, AOEE
  • Susan Boven, AOEE
  • Alana Brewer, AOEE
  • Ruth Burgos, AOEE


  • Vandra Chaudhary, AOEE
  • Carolyn Cirillo, AOEE
  • Scott Collins, AOEE
  • Mike Conner, AOEE
  • Wesley Cook, AOEE
  • Kimberly Cooley, AOEE
  • Coley Craft, AOEE
  • Amanda Craig, AOEE
  • Judy Crain, AOEE


  • Cathy Davis, AOEE
  • Lydia Diener, AOEE
  • Julie Diesch, AOEE
  • Kathy Dobler, AOEE


  • Anna Edwards, AOEE


  • Kenyetta Farrington, AOEE
  • Kalli Fuller, AOEE


  • Kathy Garrett, AOEE
  • Paul Geisen, AOEE
  • Lindsay Gilstrap, AOEE
  • Greg Glover, AOEE
  • Jarvis Gray, AOEE
  • Mark Gray, AOEE
  • Crystal Greene, AOEE
  • Greg Griffith, AOEE
  • Tricia Griggs, AOEE


  • Laresa Halcom, AOEE
  • Anne Hamilton, AOEE
  • Patrick Hanavan, AOEE
  • David Harr, AOEE
  • Katie Hendrix, AOEE
  • Christa Hendrix-Kenan, AOEE
  • Jenna Hetherington, AOEE
  • Amy Horne, AOEE


  • KImberley Jackman, AOEE
  • Ben Jacoby, AOEE
  • NiShira Johnson, AOEE
  • LaQuandra Jones, AOEE


  • Jeff Keely, AOEE
  • Veronica Kimble, AOEE
  • Samantha Kirkland, AOEE


  • Chantae Lail, AOEE
  • Jennifer Lamas, AOEE
  • Grace Lee, AOEE
  • Randall Leathers, AOEE
  • Francisco Lopez, AOEE


  • Franco Magliozzi, AOEE
  • John Maloney, AOEE
  • Bridget Marrs, AOEE
  • Starsky, Martin, AOEE
  • Rebecca Matich, AOEE
  • Ashley May, AOEE
  • Kristin McClary, AOEE
  • Julie McCoy, AOEE
  • Carolyn Mercer, AOEE
  • Josh Mercer, AOEE
  • Tina Minter, AOEE
  • Erin Modiano, AOEE
  • Chuck Moore, AOEE
  • Brendan Moriarty, AOEE
  • Alexandria Moseley, AOEE
  • Vicki Mueller, AOEE


  • Katie Nadolny, AOEE
  • Thomas Neale, AOEE
  • Yen Nong, AOEE


  • Philip O’Neill, AOEE
  • Lucas Onetti, AOEE
  • Patti Osborn, AOEE
  • Demetra Overton, AOEE


  • Douglas Plautz, AOEE


  • Tracy Quirk, AOEE


  • Melissa Reichmann, AOEE
  • R. Douglas Reuter, AOEE
  • Eileen Ritt, AOEE
  • Robert Robinson, AOEE
  • Stephen Robinson, AOEE
  • Terrieha Romer, AOEE
  • Lisa Rudy, AOEE
  • Zach Rumph, AOEE
  • Amy Ryan, AOEE


  • Christopher Saati, AOEE
  • Manuel Samudio, AOEE
  • Frieda Sanders, AOEE
  • Allison Scott, AOEE
  • Cassandra Scott, AOEE
  • Mark Scott, AOEE
  • Deepa Shah, AOEE
  • Michele Shedlock, AOEE
  • Sara Sichley, AOEE
  • Bob Simon, AOEE
  • Kimberly Smith, AOEE
  • Mary Smith, AOEE
  • Salma Smith, AOEE
  • Kristie Spangler, AOEE
  • Mary Spangler, AOEE
  • James Spurlin, AOEE
  • Sandra Steele, AOEE


  • Amy Tanzillo, AOEE
  • Kathy Todd, AOEE


  • Jessica Upson, AOEE


  • Scotty Walker, AOEE
  • Leia Williams, AOEE
  • Amanda Williford, AOEE
  • Ward Wilson, AOEE
  • Chandra Winters, AOEE
  • Garry Wright, AOEE