Program Development

Success revolves around how you approach the problem. The process you use must take into consideration your current situation (concerns, needs, resources, budget) to determine the best line of attack.

The Center has designed its services to assist a company in optimizing their ergonomics program, regardless of where you are in your ergonomics experience.

Assess and Develop

If you are brand new to ergonomics, an ergonomist can meet with you and discuss your company’s needs. An action plan can be developed to help you achieve your goals in a timeline that fits your needs and budget.

Evaluate and Enhance

If your company has some experience with ergonomics, the Center can provide support as needed. The services described on this website illustrate the many levels of ergonomic services available from the Center. You can choose the services yourself, or the Center can audit your current program and give you advice on how you can make improvements in your processes.

Implement and Manage

If your time and resources are limited, the Center can help you manage and implement your ergonomics program. Reporting directly to you, an ergonomist can be available for specific intervals (e.g. weekly, monthly) to perform the necessary tasks to keep your ergonomics efforts moving forward. Contact the Center to see how this program can work and discuss the discounts that are available for this level of commitment.