Continuous Improvement Event

Combining the science of ergonomics and the continuous improvement methods of Kaizen to help companies decrease injuries, improve productivity and quality, and ultimately save money

The ErgoTASK process is a customizable 2 to 4-day event designed to train people to analyze the work environment, solve problems, and achieve manufacturing objectives through the application of ergonomic tools and proven lean methodologies. We offer this event both virtually and onsite. With minimal classroom instruction, the participants spend the majority of their time on the production floor, making real and immediate improvements to the work environment. The primary objectives of the process include:


  • Train key stakeholders on ergonomics and lean principles
  • Identify ergonomic stressors and lean process wastes


  • Establish goals for the event
  • Establish a baseline to measure future improvements
  • Evaluate the work area(s) for ergonomic risks and lean process wastes 


  • Apply problem solving techniques and prioritize improvements
  • Identify effective controls


  • Implement “Immediate Fixes”
  • Establish standardized work based on improvements
  • Develop action item list for short-term and long-term fixes
  • Follow-up and evaluate to ensure changes are effective and sustainable

The key benefits of ErgoTASK are improved process performance, risk reduction, less waste, better quality, and money saved.