2024 Ergo Cup Winners Announced

The 2024 Ergo Cup Winners were announced in New Orleans, LA at the Applied Ergonomics Conference. We have been the proud sponsors of the competition for over 20 years. Here are the winners:

Ergonomics Program Improvement Initiatives

Enbridge Inc., Kingston, ON
“Driver Ergonomics Program – The Driver ‘Ergo Coach’”

Task-Focused Workplace Solutions: Manual Material Handling Tasks

The Timken Company, North Canton, OH
 “Rail Bearing Breakdown Sorting and Redesign”

Task-Focused Workplace Solutions: Repetitive and/or Awkward Posture Tasks

GE Appliances, Louisville, KY
“Semi–Automatic Drum Install Assist Project” 

Task-Focused Workplace Solutions: Maintenance and Other Non-Standard Tasks

GE Aerospace, Cincinnati, OH
“No Strain with the Membrane”

Task-Focused Workplace Solutions: Miscellaneous or Multi-Task

Honda of Canada Manufacturing, Alliston, ON
“The Best Tool – Centre Pillar Shelf Install Tool”

Ergo Cup Excellence Award Winners


Michelin Americas, Anderson, SC
 “Pivot Swing Bolt Improvement”


Coca Cola Consolidated, Inc., Silver Spring, MD
“Extended Cutter”

Business Impact / ROI

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Syracuse, NY
 “The Chip Dipper – Solder Tinning Station”

Rick Reduction

John Deere, Ankeny, IA
“Powered Cart for Ergonomic Handling of Cotton Unit Assembly”

Transferability / Scalability

Cintas, Woodstock, GA
“Rex’s Kaivac Handle”

Presentation Quality

Honda South Carolina Manufacturing, Timmonsville, SC

“Rad Tool”

AEC Award Recipients

Practitioner of the Year Award

Sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance
Julie Brazier and Patty Racco

Young Investigator Award

Sponsored by Texas A&M Health Ergo Center
Denny Yu
Perdue University

Students of the Year

Sponsored by CNA Insurance

Hari Iyer
Arizona State University

Brandon Phillips
UC Berkeley

Victoria Ballard
Auburn University

Setareh Kazemi Kheiri
University of Buffalo