Job Analysis

An ergonomics analysis incorporates a root-cause analysis in the determination of key stressors and contributors to the development of musculoskeletal disorders in the job and work tasks.

Our ergonomists use various methods of analysis to determine key stressor(s) and risk factors per job or task. Stressors are quantified and prioritized to assist in the development of appropriate controls. Specific analysis techniques may include biomechanical models, energy expenditure evaluations, time & motion studies, force measurement, postural analysis, and standardized evaluation tools (e.g. NIOSH lifting equation). Collected data is compared against scientific information and normative or anthropometric tables, when available and appropriate.

Our reports outline risk prioritization and primary concerns for the job(s) reviewed, and suggest practical solutions to remedy these concerns. Any recommendations provided by the Center are designed to meet task, process, production, and budgetary goals.

If you need assistance with the implementation of our recommendations, we have a vast network of vendor contacts that can assist in providing solutions designed to fit your needs. If the solution is not readily available, the engineers at the Center are available to help you design the solution.