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Since 1994 we have partnered with companies throughout the world, becoming one of the premier ergonomics consulting and training firms in the U.S. In this Resources and Tools Portal, you will enter an invaluable gateway to the best ergonomic information and analytical techniques available today. As part of our mission to advance the science of ergonomics, we offer you access to an array of resources and analysis tools, including ErgoDATA, Ergo HandoutsScreening and Prioritization ToolsErgonomics Analysis ToolsWorkplace Design resourcesImlpementation and Verification forms, Office Handouts and Tools, and a Control Measures form.

On behalf of the entire staff, it is our hope that you find here all the ergonomic resources needed to support a safe, healthy and productive workplace for your employees! Thanks for stopping by…

*These resources and analysis tools (Resources) are designed to assist a company’s ergonomics practitioner (User) in the identification, assessment and potential modification of workplace design. The typical process and procedure are designed to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders and generally enhance overall workplace safety and comfort. The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina (TECNC) does not guarantee any efficiency improvement or reduction/ elimination of any musculoskeletal disorders by using these Resources. The User is responsible for learning how to properly use these Resources including their limitations and interpretation of their results. No warranty is associated with the use of these Resources and the User is solely responsible for any consequences or actions that result from the use of these Resources.