Remote Office Evaluations

♦ The Quick Home Office Ergonomic Eval / Assessment is designed to provide quick, inexpensive fixes for working in temporary office set-ups.  This typically includes a 30 minute call, general checklist of simple recommendations.  Cost: $99.00

♦ The Abbreviated Home Office Ergonomic Assessment is for those who are have a semi-permanent or permanent office and who want to improve their set-up for the long term.  This typically involves a 30-60 minute call and an email summary of workstation specific recommendations including work habits, furniture and peripheral equipment.  Cost: $249.00

♦ The Full Office Ergonomic Assessment is for those who have a permanent office and want more education, detailed documentation of changes made ,and detailed / specific recommendations for work habits, furniture and peripheral equipment.  A quick follow-up may also be performed when recommendations have been implemented.  This typically includes a 30-60 minute call, full report ,and 15 minute follow-up, upon request. Cost: $400.00

Note:  All assessments are performed virtually and require several pictures of you in your office setting be sent prior to the evaluation.   

Pictures should include:
– The chair without employee in it, showing as many adjustments as possible.  Any brand and model information should be included if possible.
– Profile capture of chair with employee in it.
– Profile capture of employee at workstation with hands on keyboard and mouse.  The monitor should also be visible.