Ergonomics Cultural Maturity Model (ECMM)

The Ergonomics Cultural Maturity Model (ECMM) is designed to integrate ergonomics into a company’s existing culture and operational processes. The ECMM will function as a framework for the company’s ergonomics programs and is a roadmap to cultural excellence in ergonomics and safety.

The key benefits of ECMM include:

  • The ECMM is a powerful communication tool
  • It provides leading indicator key measures
  • The ECMM illustrates performance expectations
  • It identifies the alignment of the 8 “Elements of Excellence” and organizational behavior as the ultimate strategy of success
  • It changes the mindset from focus on defects to focus on culture, behaviors and systems
  • It shows how the program is aligned and gives directions to what stakeholders should do
  • The ECMM provides visual representations of the processes, values, and vision of what safety excellence means
  • It helps leadership understand how HSE aligns with business objectives
  • The ECMM provides accountability