Check out our new interactive workshop–Stressor Stroll: Eyes on Ergonomics

We are now offering a new interactive workshop: Stressor Stroll: Eyes on Ergonomics. Attendees will leave the workshop with a list of ergonomics stressors from the areas they walk through and should be able to confidently develop control implementation discussions.

Identifying ergonomics concerns is the first step in prioritizing efforts to reduce risk factors related to musculoskeletal disorders and optimizing process performance.  In this short interactive workshop, attendees learn to:

  • Define ergonomics, identify its benefits, and recognize the stressors that can lead to injuries
  • Appreciate how ergonomic stressors affect employees and business metrics
  • Identify ergonomic stressors during a structured walk-through of their facility
  • Understand the common types and hierarchy of ergonomic controls

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