Jeff Hoyle presents seminar at the University of Florida

Director of Ergonomic Services Jeffrey A. Hoyle, MS, CPE presented the University of Florida ISE seminar “Ergonomics improvements in aerospace and shipbuilding industries and future direction of the field”. The seminar was presented on September 13, 2019 from 11:45 am-12:35 pm.

Aerospace and shipbuilding industries are challenging work environments that have seen little change over the years.  Ergonomics is still a relatively new concept in such cultures with high physical demand, workplace constraints, and customized solutions are required.  Ergonomics teams (made up of hourly employees, supervisors, engineers, and safety representatives) were formed to help recognize, evaluate, and control ergonomic risks in such challenging environments. Under the guidance of an ergonomist, such teams used various analysis tools and their knowledge of the workplace to brainstorm, trial, & implement practical application-based solutions to address such risks and optimize human performance. Several application-specific examples showing before and after results of how team-driven solutions mitigated ergonomic risks and improved operational performance will be presented.  In addition, the presentation will conclude with highlighting some common themes related to the future direction and needs in the field of ergonomics (from a practitioner’s perspective).