The Center introduces ErgoDATA

ErgoDATA (Ergonomics Deep-dive and Task Analysis), our new suite of assessment tools, is now available by clicking on the “Resources and Tools” tab at the top of this page. ErgoDATA is a collection of smart tools that will allow you to conduct screenings and evaluations of your jobs. ErgoDATA includes the following tools:

  • Industrial Screening Tool
  • RULA Calculator
  • NIOSH Lifting Equation Calculator
  • Strain Index Calculator
  • Liberty Mutual MMH Calculator
  • Rodgers Muscle Fatigue Analysis Calculator
  • ROSA Calculator
  • Hand Grip & Insertion Forces Calculator
  • Hand Tool Torque Calculator
  • Hand-Arm Clearance Calculator
  • One-Handed Carry Calculator
  • One-Handed Lift-Lower Calculator
  • One-Handed Push-Pull Calculator
  • Two-Handed Seated & Kneeling Lifting Calculator
  • Wrist Torque Calculator